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Key figures

MIXEL, number one in France with 45 years’ experience, is one of the only expert in the design of mixers for various industries like environment (water / biomass), petro-coal chemical, fine chemical, pharmacy, cosmetics…

MIXEL main differentiation factor is the high pumping efficiency of its patented propellers allowing reduction of investment cost and operating cost (electricity consumption) and can be thus recognized as a green tech company

MIXEL have a factory in China since 2005 to bring to our Asian clients an advanced technology but localized since long time for cost and quality control.

Company and innovation

Innovation for MIXEL is at every stage

Innovation in development of new product to catch new needs from client or catch new markets.

Innovation in the use of more performant tools for design (like Craddle as fluid dynamics tools or also the Peer to Peer internet Connection without server in France)

Innovation in every day for the design mixers. Ass every mixer is a MONOTYPE, each one is different of the other. We cannot make mock-up or trial before operation like for a train of ALSTOM or an airplane from AIRBUS. The cost would be too expensive. So we have to do right from the beginning. And we succeed. See how our clients are satisfied. Mixing is not an exact science. It is all about the many years of experience our engineers. Experience that we pass from old to new generation. From France to China or Brazil.

We give an example in Water Plant : The design of VEOLIA or SUEZ-ENVIRONMENT (DEGREMONT) is more compact than Chinese Design Institute design. It means less impact on the soil (protect arable land), less cost, less energy… so in one word : Less impact on the environment. And those EPC design was based on our Mixers

Another example our design shows that a 3kW motor is enough whereas a Chinese DI request 15kW… How is it possible? Our patented impellers are much more performant in terms of fluid dynamics and energy consumptions. Once again less impact on the environment.

Implantation in China

MIXEL (Beijing) Agitator Co. Ltd was founded in 2005, is a wholly owned subsidiary of MIXEL Group, which is our headquartered in Lyon, France. The company is located in Beijing economic and technological development area (BDA). MIXEL Beijing has nearly 20 employees.  MIXEL, it’s committed to providing energy efficient industrial agitator for process industries, its application areas includes chemical, water treatment, food, cosmetics, paint etc.

Significant projects in China

1. Chengdu Water Plant No.6 & No.7
Chengdu Water Plant No.6 is the first order delivered in China in 1999. This Water Plant is the first BOT for a foreign company (VEOLIA) in China. Our equipment are in operation 24h/24h since February 7, 2002. There were not a single issue during those 12 years operation. It is like a plane who have to operate 30 years

Just because of client ultra-satisfaction of this project, in 2012, we got directly the order of Chengdu Water Plant No.7 from the utility without international EPC. After 18 months of operation, Client is also ultra-satisfied.

2. Bailonggang Wastewater Treatment Plant in Shanghai

Since 2003, we supplied the mixer to Shanghai Bailonggang Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is Asia’s largest sewage treatment works, also is one of the world’s largest wastewater treatment plant, processing power accounted for about a third of Shanghai urban sewage treatment capacity.

3. CNOOC Huizhou chemical process plant

In 2014, MIXEL become the Mixers supplier for CNOOC Huizhou chemical process plant. MIXEL provides chemical industry with every kind of stirrers for crystallizing, emulsion, dispersion or homogenization. Huizhou petrochemical plant is building 10 million tons/year oil refining equipment, 1 million tons/year ethylene plant. Every year to produce gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil, benzene, liquefied gas, ethylene, polypropylene and other 30 kinds of high quality petroleum and petrochemical products.


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