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AREVA is a world leader in nuclear power. The group’s offer to utilities covers every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle, reactor design and construction, and operating services. Its expertise and uncompromising dedication to safety make it a leading industry player.

AREVA also invests in renewable energies to develop, via partnerships, high technology solutions.
Through the complementary nature of nuclear and renewables, AREVA’s 45,000 employees contribute to building tomorrow’s energy model: supplying the greatest number of people with energy that is safer and with less CO2.

Company and Innovation

AREVA invested 405 million euros in research and development in 2013. This shows how much its teams are driven by a spirit of innovation and creativity to fulfill customer expectations and carry out new activities, transforming ideas into projects and projects into solutions. The scientific and technical excellence at the core of AREVA’s competitive advantage relies on bringing experts into the operational and research and development teams. Today, the group has 1,079 experts in its ranks, nearly 200 more than in 2011.

AREVA brought, in 2013, 40 or so of its Chinese customers together in Sanya in south-western China for a seminar on innovation in services to nuclear power plants. This offered an occasion for the group to present its Safety Alliance safety improvement program and Forward Alliance long-term operational support solutions.

AREVA in China

AREVA’s links with the Chinese nuclear industry were forged in the mid-1980s with the construction of the DayaBay and Ling Ao nuclear power plants. Since then, AREVA developed partnerships with Chinese utilities which led to the successful ongoing construction of the EPR reactors on the Taishan site in Guangdong.

The AREVA group counts about 850 employees in China with sales offices and production sites in 15 locations including Beijing, Shanghai, and in the provinces of Jiangsu, Sichuan, and Guangdong. Since 2012, AREVA has established its Asian headquarters in Beijing, underlining the group’s willingness to reinforce its local presence to accompany its Chinese customers.

AREVA crafted an ambitious program to help China develop skills in the design, manufacture, construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants. AREVA is providing direct support to the Chinese nuclear program through its presence in the nuclear cycle.

Key Figures

-       30 years of achievements: AREVA, a long-standing partner of the Chinese nuclear industry
-       4 Joint-Ventures for both the zirconium tubes for nuclear fuel assemblies and the reactors and services fields
-       2 EPR reactors in construction in Taishan in the Guangdong province

Significant projects in China

ln November 2007, AREVA signed a record-breaking partnership agreement in the civilian nuclear power field with the Chinese utility Taishan Nuclear Power Company (TSNPC), a subsidiary of CGNPC. The contract involves a series of agreements under which AREVA is currently building two EPR reactors in Taishan, in the Guangdong province. It also includes the supply of all equipment and services needed for their operation for 15 years.

Cooperation in the back-end of the fuel cycle is part of the nuclear global partnership between France and China which share the same approach about the recycling of used fuel. This allowed AREVA and CNNC to sign in April 2013 a letter of intention to build a used fuel treatment and recycling facility in China. This project aims at processing used nuclear fuel from Chinese power plants in order to recover the reusable materials and recycle them to be used in the production of new fuel assemblies. ln March 2014, both groups reaffirmed their commitment in this project. Since then, technical and commercial negotiations continue.

Since the mid-2000’s’ AREVA is localizing its technology and know-how through then creation of joint ventures. CNNC AREVA Shanghai Tubing Co. (CAST) was created in January 2011 with SGTC, a subsidiary of CNNC. CAST is dedicated to the production and sale of zirconium cladding tubes used for nuclear fuel assemblies in China. Production is ramping-up and the first industrial production will start soon. The JV plans to manufacture 1,500 kilometres of tubing per year by 2015.


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