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Key figures

Groupama Group :
-          €13,7BN in total turnover, 20% outside France
-          13 million members and customers
-          Present in 11 countries
-          34,000 employees including 8,000 outside France
-          Strong positioning :  1st foreign funded P&C insurer in China / 1st agricultural insurer in Turkey / 3rd P&C insurer in Hungary

Company and innovation

Groupama is a European mutual insurance and banking group which was created at the beginning of the last century through the initiative of French farmers and is today a leading insurance provider in France and a major player in Europe.

The group is a leader on the French market: largest health insurer for individuals, largest insurer for agriculture and local authorities, 2nd largest for home insurance. Groupama’s success is due to the synergy between its 3 brands: Groupama, Gan – with its expertise in the professional markets – and Amaguiz, an online insurer.
Globally, Groupama operates in 11 countries where there is potential for high demand in insurance products, including Southern Europe (notably Italy), Central and Eastern Europe, and Turkey. In recent years, the group has also gained a foothold in China.

Overall, the group now has around 50 companies operating in all the insurance and services business lines but also in all financial and banking activities. It has an annual turnover of €13.7 Billion.

Implantation in China

In 2013, for the second year of its operations as a joint venture with Chinese AVIC Group in China, Groupama’s strategic move towards rural insurance in China proved a successful one . Thanks to its unique experience focusing on agriculture, aviation and global commercial and industrial risk insurance in now 5 provinces of China, Groupama Avic Insurance Company reached 1.506 billion RMB premium income during financial year 2013, with a growth of 104% compare to 2012, ranking No 1 amongst foreign funded non-life insurance companies in China and No 6 amongst agriculture insurance companies in China.

This performance was achieved thanks to an ambitious expansion plan of Groupama Avic Insurance Company’s distribution network to more than 120 cities and counties throughout the provinces of Sichuan, Jilin and Shaanxi where it already operated in 2012, as well as in the provinces of Liaoning and Heilongjiang where the company was licensed during the year 2013.

Significant projects in China

In order for the company to increase its market share and contribution to the development of rural insurance, both shareholders Groupama SA and AVIC Group have signed a second strategic partnership agreement on April 25th 2013, at the People’s Great Hall in Beijing, witnessed by Chairman of People’s Republic of China Mr XI Jinping and President of French Republic Francois Hollande, increasing the capital of Groupama Avic Insurance to 1.1 bn RMB and extending the partnership to the field of Life insurance.

In 2014, Groupama Avic Insurance Company will further expand its operations to new provinces, with Heilongjiang branch fully contributing to the business of the company and through application for licensing in two new provinces of China. The Property, health & Accident and Motor insurance business will also grow faster in 2014, benefitting from the unique network of sub branches and agencies the company has and will continue to set up to cover the rural areas of China.

Groupama AVIC strives also for innovation in insurance products, distribution channel and services and has achieved positive results.

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