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AIA Associes was founded in 1971 by a collective of architects and engineers whose ambition was to bring together within a single structure all the competences required for the practice of global project management. Architects and engineers have made a specialty of major functional equipment involving one or more of the following key issues:
- Specific architectural and urban requirements
- Technical or technological constraints
- Environmental Commitment

Company and innovation 


We listen
We listen and analyze your requirements. By evaluating your various needs, we offer a variety of different reference solutions in order to achieve your health strategy.

Our vision
We provide you with the most efficient hospital layout idea for patients, hospital staff and management to design the perfect solution

We support
In the planning, design, construction, and various stages of completion, we will and cooperation of people together to help you to make the program fit with the actual needs and to prepare for the future development of the hospital

Implantation in China 

AIA China, a wholly owned subsidiary of China as an important strategic global development, China has carried out the design in the field of medical-related businesses: Beijing XieHe Hospital, the winning project, Yantai Sino-French Friendship Hospital (150,000 m2), the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, Shenyang Hunnan International Hospital (200,000 m2).

AIA Associes, with numerous partners at home and abroad (including healthcare organizations, research and teaching units, medical equipment research and production agency), allows us to be more effective and more targeted to provide detailed and complete medical organizations, equipment planning designed to respond to new technological developments, new technology applications, providing future-oriented digital Hospital solution.

Significant projects in China 

XieHe Hospital
Project Description Construction company with 15 levels , covering 230000 m2 of General Hospital , including
- 900 beds , 43 operating theaters, 10 outpatient and 10 external care (110 000 m2);
- A set of diagnostic , laboratory , emergency medical building (120 000 m2).

Client: Beijing Hospital Architect: France AIA Cooperation Unit : AREP architectural design company ( France ) – China IPPR International Engineering Corporation
Area : 230 000 m2
September 2005 bid
Delivery Time: 2012
International Hospital – Shenyang
A hospital in the city
Project Description
The first phase of 800 beds ( of which 400 cancer patients beds ) ;
The second phase of 1,000 beds ( medical centers and research centers ) ;
The third phase of 800 beds ( Research and Training Center ) .

Client: First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University
Architect: France AIA
Project construction – design services partners : China Northeast Architectural Design and Research Institute
Area : 498 000 m2, has 2600 beds
Xuhui District, Southern Medical Center
Project Description
Construction of a 1,000 -bed general hospital can accommodate 500 beds and mental health
Homes, and includes a research center , a training center.
Client: Shanghai Municipal Government
Architect: France AIA
Cooperation: Grant International in Shanghai
Area : 150 000 m2 + 40 000 m2 of parking garage

Website :
Physical address: Beijing International Finance Center(IFC),8 Jianguomenwai Avenue,
5th floor,Chaoyang District,Beijing 100022,P.R.China

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