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Key Figures 

EDF Group is a leading player in the European energy market, and the largest nuclear operator in the world. As an integrated electricity company with more than 60 years of power development experiences, EDF has comprehensive world-class industrial competitiveness in nuclear power, thermal power, hydropower and new energy power generation. Active and specialized in all aspects of power supply including electricity generation, transmission, distribution, sales, energy efficiency and energy trade, EDF can provide various integrated energy solutions in power project investment, engineering and management or grid transmission and distribution.

Company and innovation 

To conduct its research and development programmes, EDF’s R&D develops numerous partnerships in the world. These partnerships aim to maintain its expertise at the highest level, worldwide, in the disciplines at the heart of EDF’s challenges and to complete its international areas of expertise. The partnership policy of R&D takes various forms both nationally and internationally. Several years ago, in France, EDF set up 14 joint laboratories with academics partners and technical or industrial centres and participates with them in collaborative research projects financed by national agencies. EDF’s R&D has more than 2 000 employees of which approximately 150 are PhD candidates. R&D is currently organized around several sites in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy and China. At the end of 2013, EDF’s portfolio included 497 patented inventions protected by 1,608 intellectual property titles in France and abroad. In 2013, EDF lodged 54 patents applications. In 2013, EDF’s total research and development budget was 543 million euros. It is one of the highest R&D budget among the big electricity players.

Implantation in China 

30 years ago, EDF participated in the first large-scale nuclear power project in China as technical head. EDF made active contribution to the Chinese nuclear industry by participating in the construction of Daya Bay nuclear power station. In 2009, EDF became the first foreign investor in the Chinese nuclear power projects through the participation in Taishan EPR project. For 30 years, the cooperation between EDF and its Chinese partners has been extended to different fields such as nuclear engineering, construction and operation. EDF and CGN have a long term partnership: since Daya Bay Commercial Operation, EDF operators have been assigned on CGN plants and headquarters to advice and share feedback of experience. Largest foreign country investor in the Chinese electricity sector, EDF also invests in three coal-fired projects with a total installed capacity of 4,920 MW. Among them, Laibin B power plant is the first foreign wholly-owned and the first BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) project in China. In recent years, EDF has been participating actively, together with its Chinese partners, in construction, operation and maintenance of supercritical power plant. EDF has provided engineering consulting service for Guangzhou and Zhanghewan pumped storage projects and Lancang River hydropower station on several aspects: technical support to the project management, design, equipment inspection and surveillance, watershed management optimization, etc. EDF has also been involved in equipments inspection of Three Gorges project for the owner company. Since China has long been considered a key strategic area, EDF Group set up the Asia Pacific headquarter in Beijing in 2002 in order to work more closely with Chinese power companies. Established by the Group in June 2011 under EDF China Division, EDF China R&D Center undertakes research and development of advanced numerical simulation technology in power generation field with the strong background of its French headquarters. Furthermore, China R&D Center actively cooperates with local partners around sustainable city numerical model, renewable energy, smart grid, charging system of electrical vehicle, and energy efficiency, etc, in order to bring technical support both to the Group and its Chinese partners.

Significant projects in China 

The construction site for two EPR units at Taishan.

The Taishan project currently benefits from experience gained from two other EPR construction sites, namely EDF’s Flamanville 3, and Olkiluoto 3, which is managed by AREVA, as well as the dynamic construction programme in China, where CGNPC is currently building 13 CPR1000 reactors.

The first concrete for Taishan 1 and 2 was poured in November 2009 and April 2010 respectively. The dome was installed on the reactor building of unit 1 on 23 October 2011.

An important new milestone in the construction of the nuclear island of Taishan 1 was reached on 6 May 2012, when the reactor vessel was transferred into the reactor building. Careful advance coordination of a range of different activities (civil engineering, testing and commissioning of the polar crane, etc.) by the site owner and future operator TNPJVC, in collaboration with partners, was key to the success of the operation.

On 12 September 2012, less than one year after the dome was installed on the unit 1 reactor building, TNPJVC performed the same operation on unit 2. Lifting operations on such a huge scale required one of the most powerful cranes in the world to be used for both units. With its dome in place, the reactor building is ready to receive the main components of the nuclear steam supply system (steam generators, reactor vessel, pressurizer, etc.).

Construction of the main buildings of unit 1 was completed in 2013, and all the equipment for the unit will be on site by the final quarter of this year. Construction of the auxiliary installations, and preparation for testing, will continue throughout 2014.

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