Thursday 30th October


Friday 31th October 2014

Organised by 

b.HUAWEI    and    ubifrance    

As part of the « France Technology – So French, so innovative » campaign and the First Edition of the French Innovation Festival in China from 1st to 15th November 2014, HUAWEI FRANCE and UBIFRANCE organizes the First Edition of the « Forum digital IN-Pulse ».


-          Initiate connections between the French start-ups and potential partners for their development in China among the innovation and digital French and Chinese ecosystem

-          Build a set of recommendations to facilitate synergies and business development between France and China to feed a White Paper

-          Promote what France can mutually bring to China


Thursday 30th October

19:00-23:00        Gala on Innovation. André CHIENG, Vice-President of the Comité France Chine, will present the « France Technology – So French, so innovative » campaign

Friday 31th October 2014

9:15-9:15                             Opening

9:30-9:50                             Ecosystems, Co-Innovation, Growth & synergy : perspective from France and China, by Victor ZHANG, HUAWEI VP Public Affairs Europe, and Philippe BARDOL, Director of UBIFRANCE CHINA

9:50-10:10                           Perspectives at the bottom, by Guy MAMOU-MANI, President of SYNTEC NUMERIQUE, GUANGDONG COMMUNICATION INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, Thierry SERGENT, CEO of EXPWAY, Charles AI, VP Early Stage Investment

10:10-10:35                        Discover the Ecosystem

10:35-11:35                        Group discussions

11 :35-12 :00                      Reports & Comments

12 :00                                   Photocall

12 :20-14 :00                      Buffet Lunch and Speech by Cédric VILLANI, President of the INSTITUT HENRI POINCARE, Patron of the IN-PULSE initiative

14:00-16:00                        Working groups

16:00-16:15                        Conclusion by Victor ZHANG, HUAWEI VP Public Affairs Europe





Agenda France-China 50