Long-lasting Global and Strategic Partnership

Opening exchanges and cooperation by both sides in multiple areas

Fifty years ago, General de Gaulle, with his courage and vision, made France become the first western country to start dialogue with the People's Republic of China, a country of hundreds of millions of population and with unlimited potentials. Since the establishment of China-France diplomatic relations in 1964, the two nations have been building stable friendship step by step, opening active exchanges and cooperations in the fields of politics, economy and culture. In 1997, China and France issued a joint statement, announcing the establishment of comprehensive strategic partnership oriented toward the 21st century. China-France relations develop on three main lines, including (1) strengthening bilateral political dialogues, (2) promoting people-to-people exchanges between the two countries, especially communications among young people, (3) and developing balanced bilateral trade relations on the basis of mutual benefits.

In political field, China and France had frequent high-level meetings and visits to promote China-France comprehensive strategic partnership, including official visits, major international summit meetings, and meetings of other forms. French President Francois Hollande visited Beijing and Shanghai during his trip to China in April 2013. Chinese President XI Jinping paid a state visit to France in March 2014. In cultural domain, both parties organized series of cultural activities, deepening cultural exchanges between the two countries. Le festival Croisements, the annual arts celebration event, has been held several times since 2006. With 91 events in 25 cities in China in 2013, it attracted millions of audience.

In economic field, to promote the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and France, both countries have been deepening their structural cooperation in economy and industry, especially in aviation and civilian nuclear fields where China and France have established a true mutually beneficial partnership. In the 50th year after restoring diplomatic relations, China-France bilateral annual trade volume has exceeded 50 billion Euros, France becoming China's second largest importer in Europe. During the visit of Chinese President XI Jinping to France in March 2014, an agreement on deepening bilateral economic cooperation was reached, 50 trade contracts signed by both parties and with a total value of over 18 billion Euros. Based on the long-term partnership in aviation and civil nuclear industries between the two countries, China and France are planning to expand their cooperation to emerging areas such as sustainable cities, digitization, agricultural product processing, and healthcare.

Agenda France-China 50