Ipsen in China

Ipsen is a global specialty-driven pharmaceutical company with sales of more than €1.2 billion in 2013. Ipsen focuses its resources and investments on three targeted specialty care areas, organized in Franchises. In these areas, Ipsen operates throughout the entire value chain, from research through to marketing: urology-oncology/ Decapeptyl® (Diphereline®), endocrinology/ Somatuline®, and neurology/ Dysport®. Ipsen is also present in primary care in the symptomatic treatment of certain forms of cognitive disorders in the elderly (Tanakan®) as well as in gastroenterology (Smecta®, Forlax®) and rheumatology. In 2013, R&D expenditure exceeded €260 million, representing more than 21% of Group sales. The Group has close to 4,600 employees worldwide, of which 900 contribute to R&D.

Ipsen initiated its business in China with a representative office in Tianjin in 1992, and established a joint venture, Beaufour-Ipsen (Tianjin) Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd in the Tianjin Huayuan Industry Park in 1997. After two decades of strong growth, China has become the Group’s second largest market.

In China, Ipsen is a well-established leader in the field of gastroenterology – in particular with Smecta® – and the Group is on its way to becoming a leader in specialty care. Ipsen is developing in fast-growing specialty care areas such as endocrinology and neurology in particular thanks to the recent authorization to conduct clinical trials in China for Somatuline® and Dysport®. Another example of the strong development of specialty care products is Ipsen’s uro-oncology drug Diphereline®, one of the leading products for patients with prostate cancer (the most common cancer in men).

Ipsen’s expertise in uro-oncology has a long history and is continuing to expand. Ipsen and its partner Active Biotech are currently developing a new first-in-class compound called tasquinimod which aims to improve the clinical outcome of patients treated with Diphereline® if their prostate cancer evolves and becomes resistant to LHRH agonists. This compound is currently in phase III in more than 200 centers in 30 countries, including four centers in China.

Ipsen’s dedication to improving the management of genito-urinary cancers includes close cooperation with scientific bodies and medical associations throughout the world. For example, Ipsen has entered into a partnership to bring together members of the Chinese Urological Association and the European Association of Urology. Ipsen is determined to bridge medical communities across the globe and since this first partnership was initiated, a range projects such as bilateral exchange programs between centers of excellence have been implemented.

The Group is determined to bring Chinese physicians and their international peers together to explore advanced medical solutions in its targeted disease areas. Over the past twenty years, Ipsen has gradually established a series of prestigious academic communication platforms including China Diarrhea Summit and Diphereline Prostate Cancer Summit to foster exchange between Chinese and foreign experts. Ipsen is committed to the development of healthcare in China and providing innovative treatments to Chinese patients.

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