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Key figures

- 12% of bioMérieux annual revenues reinvested in R&D (twice as much as other pharma companies)
- 25% of average annual growth in China over the past 10 years
- bioMérieux China is the 3rd subsidiary of bioMérieux SA. It was the 13th subsidiary of the group in 2005.

Company and innovation

Since its creation in 1897, Institut Mérieux is committed to fight against infectious diseases throughout the world via the discovery of new solutions for diagnostic, therapy and food safety.

Innovation is a central part of our group. Every year, 12% of our annual revenues are reinvested in R&D. We have 10 R&D centers in every continent (including several in Beijing & Shanghai), which employ 900 scientists.

Implantation in China

- 1978: First visit of Mr. Mérieux to China to establish a public health collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Health
- 1985: First equipment installed in Beijing hospital
- 1991: bioMérieux office opened in Hong Kong
- 1997: bioMérieux opens a representative office in Beijing
- 2001: First bioMérieux microbiology reference lab at Shanghai Ruijin Hospital
- 2004: China & ASPAC headquarters are transfered to Shanghai
- 2005: opening of a training center in Shanghai and of a joint lab in Beijing between Fondation Mérieux & the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (Dr. Christophe Mérieux Laboratory)
- 2006: Opening of Mérieux research lab in Fudan University Cancer hospital (Shanghai) on cancer markers discovery
- 2007: joint-venture with Kehua in Shanghai
- 2011: opening of bioMérieux China campus in Pudong, one of the three world headquarters of the Group (with Boston & Lyon).

Significant projects in China

1) Establishment of several joint-ventures with the Chinese pharma group TASLY, for R&D, distribution & manufacturing;
2) Launch in November 2013 of a training program & research program on the rational use of antibiotics, in collaboration with the China Medical Association and with the Chinese Ministry of Health
3) Installation in Shanghai of a dedicated R&D team for the creation of a product dedicated to the needs of emerging countries (E8), following a reverse innovation strategy

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