Energy demand in China has been growing rapidly with the fast development of Chinese economy. China’s primary energy (natural energy such as raw coal, crude oil and natural gas) consumption doubled from 2000 to 2010, while in 2011, energy consumption growth in China accounted for 71% of energy consumption growth across the world. In the same year, China replaced the United States as the world’s largest energy consumer. China’s energy industry has been facing a challenge with the rapid rise of energy consumption, that is, how to reduce greenhouse gas emission? On Oct 24, 2012, the Twelfth Five-year Plan passed by Chinese State Council offered responses to this challenge, including accelerating transition of energy production and usage patterns, strengthening energy economy and energy efficiency strategies, improving efficiencies in energy development, transformation, usage and storage, limiting energy consumption in reasonable ways, improving technology and equipment levels, and building a modernized energy production industry system of security, stability, cost effectiveness and cleanness. The responses of the State Council to energy have effectively driven the transformation of China’s energy industry and technology innovations, making the energy industry dedicated to improving energy efficiency to manage energy consumption, while applying Smart Grids and clean energies such as wind power, nuclear power, hydropower and solar energy to drive and optimize industrial structures.

Agenda France-China 50