China is currently in the process of rapid urbanization. According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, there were 730 million urban residents in China by the end of 2013, urban population covering as high as 53.73% of its total population. The S-shaped curve of urbanization process by Northam shows that urbanization will enter into an acceleration period when in the process of 25% to 60%, which means that the urbanization process in China has already reached a critical period. Along with rapid urbanization development, China is facing many challenges, such as environmental pollution, water treatment, underground infrastructure construction, road construction and management, as well as energy issues. In terms of responding to these challenges and ensuring sustainable urban development, France remains a leading position around the world, demonstrating state-of-art technologies and constant innovations in domains such as water treatment, waste disposal, energy efficiency and biodiversity. To help China to achieve sustainable urban development and construct smart green cities, French companies have been striving to provide strong support for China in the fields of urban ground transportation, power generation and transmission, urban security and smart city, etc.

Agenda France-China 50