In recent years, with rapid development of information technology, especially the development and extensive applications of computing technology and network technology, new and high technology industries have been continuously integrated and developed with traditional service business. For example, fusion of Internet and communication technology (ICT) with traditional service industry has led to some emerging services, including electronic commerce, remote education, and remote medical treatment. Innovative service is a new service sector supported by new and high technology and of high technical content and added values, viewed as the most innovative business within the service industry. Recently, some enterprises, by means of modernized new technology, new business forms and new service, have successfully entered into innovative service business by achieving self improvement, creating demand, guiding consumption, and offering high value-added services for production and personal lives. Among them, some innovative French financial service companies have already made great progress in Chinese market, as a new rising force in developing Chinese financial innovation service business.

Agenda France-China 50