2014 12 04 Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams – Results of the 2014 Edition



A comprehensive approach to bi-cultural innovation by teams responding to the world’s current and future environmental, demographic and industrial trends

R&D Prize
Joint EDF and IEE-CAS (Institute of Electrical Engineering- Chinese Academy of Science) R&D project researching Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology for towers

Innovative Product Prize
A vascular stent maximizing patient protection and cutting healthcare costs

The France China Committee and its partners highlight Franco-Chinese innovation by distinguishing two bi-cultural teams for their innovative work and their industrial property policy.
“A France-China 50 event – www.france-chine50.com”

Beijing, December 4, 2014 —- As part of the “France Technology – so French, so innovative” publicity campaign, the France China Committee (CFC) and its partners have organized the first ever Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams.

The awards have been organized under the patronage of Emmanuel Macron, Minister for the Economy, Industry and Digital, and Geneviève Fioraso, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, and are backed by the special support and expertise of the French INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) and the Chinese SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office of the P. R. China) , as co-chairmen of the Jury.

Why do we need these awards?

In France, innovation is seen as a seamless process ranging from basic research to industrial implementation involving technological cooperation between science and industry.

Cooperation in scientific and technological research plays a major role in Franco-Chinese relations. Since 1978, based on the bilateral agreement on scientific and technological cooperation, strengthened in 2013 by a joint declaration on innovation by two French Ministries (for Productive Recovery and Higher Education and Research) on the one hand, and the Chinese Ministry for Science and Technology on the other, our two countries recognize the importance of research and have set up many joint research entities and research networks and discussion forums to promote industrial cooperation.

French companies have developed a growing number of R&D organizations within the Chinese ecosystem. The diversity of activities covered by these organizations (fundamental research, adaptation or development of specific products for local markets, innovation) is part of a shared vision of cooperative development benefiting both French and Chinese partners.

The Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese teams are intended to showcase and reward people who contribute to world-class research and development of innovative projects designed to transform our lifestyles for the better. The projects presented have been developed jointly by bi-cultural teams from universities, top ranking schools, laboratories and R&D centers, covering the entire range of French innovation.

2014 Awards

The jury decided to reward the winning teams on the basis of the following criteria:
· Expression of the team’s bi-cultural Franco-Chinese character
· Innovative qualities and endorsement of intellectual property
· Economic viability
· Usefulness of the project in social, economic, industrial and environmental terms

The two winning teams have been chosen from 22 projects involving over 200 French and Chinese engineers, competing in 2 different categories:

R&D Prize Winner
Joint EDF and IEE-CAS (Institute of Electrical Engineering- Chinese Academy of Science) R&D project into Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology for towers

Innovative Product Prize Winner
“BuMA”: A vascular stent maximizing patient protection and cutting healthcare costs
The winners received their prizes at a press conference held on December 4 in Beijing at the Raffles Hotel, in the presence of HE Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, French Ambassador in China, and the two co-chairmen of the Jury, Yves Lapierre, Managing Director of INPI, and HE Zhimin, Deputy Commissioner of SIPO.
In view of the high quality of the projects submitted, the jury also wished to distinguish the following projects by Special Mention:

Most promising team for Franco-Chinese innovation

Outstanding Franco-Chinese world
ALSTOM HYDRO CHINA - R&D and production project for 800 MW generating plant at the Xiangjiaba hydro-electric power station
Best joint Franco-Chinese laboratory
SOLVAY – E2P2L: A unique international research laboratory in Shanghai
These winners for 2014 show that a globalized general approach to innovation is an effective way of meeting the global challenges facing our societies. Through these Awards, cooperative innovation among bi-cultural Franco-Chinese teams has demonstrated excellence and the promise it holds for the future.
Some bi-cultural teams that entered this competition belonged to large entities (e.g. companies or established laboratories), others had more modest origins (e.g. start-ups or SMEs) and should be encouraged to take part in the next edition of these Awards.

The Jury
These first ever Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese teams have been awarded by a Franco-Chinese Jury under the joint chairmanship of Yves Lapierre, Managing Director of INPI and HE Zhimin, Deputy Commissioner of SIPO, whose 13 members were drawn from French and Chinese institutions, companies and scientific publications:
Members from institutional bodies
· Science department of the French Embassy in China
Members from scientific and technological publications
· La Recherche magazine
· Science and Technology Daily
· Chinese Intellectual Property Publishing House
Members from companies
· Areva
· Dassault Systems
· Institut Mérieux
· Michelin
· Safran and its partner Beihang University
· Schneider Electric

The two winning teams received cash awards of RMB 30,000 per team, and airline tickets donated by Air France and tablets donated by Huawei.

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French Innovation Festival in China

15 days of festivities to celebrate the spirit of innovation boosting Franco-Chinese technological success

French Innovation Festival launches in Shanghai

Tianjin welcomes first edition of the French Innovation Festival

France Technology campaign launches in Beijing

1st July 2014, Beijing. To mark the fiftieth anniversary of Franco-Chinese diplomatic relations, the France China Committee is launching the “France Technology” campaign “So French, so innovative”, attended by H.E. Sylvie Bermann, French Ambassador in China, Alain Mérieux, Chairman of the Patrons Committee of France-Chine 50 and Jean-Pascal Tricoire, President of the France China Committee. This campaign is intended to promote all facets of French technological innovation, including its great industrial achievements and future successes, to all parties dealing with French companies in China.

Backed by a tradition of world-class scientific research, France is a real land of innovation, with high-tech global champions in every industry. Champions capable of meeting the immense challenges and needs that face us in tomorrow’s world, especially in the key fields of smart green cities, low carbon & energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, better healthcare, sustainable industries, safe & quality food, information and communication technology, innovative services and smart lifestyle.

During this campaign, which will be rolled out until the end of 2014, the France China Committee and its partner will hold two major events as follows:

- French Innovation Festival - from November 1 to 15: a discovery of French technology through open days organized by companies for visitors to their Chinese business premises. This festival will enable a selected public to find out about their production facilities, commerce, know-how and technological success.

- Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams – December 4, 2014: prizes awarded to innovative Franco-Chinese teams under the sponsorship of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. The different prize categories will reward and distinguish projects of excellence developed jointly by Franco-Chinese teams.

For Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman of the France China Committee, “this campaign will recognize France’s unique potential for innovation and the even more important possibility of uniting the capacities of our two countries to innovate together to improve the present and build an even better future.

France Technology is initiated by France China Committee and supported by more than 40 companies partners of this event including Dassault Systèmes, DPCA, Havas, Institut Mérieux, Schneider Electric, Alstom, INPI, Safran, Suez Environnement.

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