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- A leading international high-technology group with 3 core businesses: Aerospace (propulsion and equipment), Defense and Security.
- 66,300 employees in more than 50 countries and €14.7 billion in sales in 2013.
- World leader positions in commercial aircraft engines (over 100 seats) in partnership with GE, landing gear, electrical wiring interconnection systems, helicopter turbine engines and flight controls, biometric ID documents, automated fingerprint identification systems, explosive detection systems…


Research is a strategic activity in any high-tech company, and is absolutely essential in building solid foundations for future success. Safran invests considerable resources, both financial and human, to foster innovation.

Investing heavily in R&D
- 1.8 billion euros in R&D expenditures in 2013, representing more than 12% of sales
- More than 21% of Group employees work in R&D
- 800 patents filed in 2013 and a total portfolio of 26,000 titles worldwide
- 2nd patent applicant in France (INPI 2013 ranking) and a Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator since 2011

To meet tomorrow’s technological and environmental challenges  
At Safran, our innovation strategy integrates a number of key factors, including: the role of greenhouse gases in climate change, the increasing scarcity of natural resources, the increased cost of oil and gas, the need to preserve our lifestyle and provide for future generations. These factors guide our efforts in the design and production of human-engineered products for our core markets of aerospace, defense and security.


Safran, teaming up with China for 100 years 
Building on more than a century of relations with China, Safran is now a major player in the Chinese civil aviation and security markets. The Group has established a presence in all segments, from airplane and helicopter engines to aircraft landing and braking systems, and from identification procedures to detection systems. Safran employs 1200 people in China and our industrial footprint comprises companies and joint ventures at 15 locations in China, including Safran China located in Beijing.

Our presence in China is anchored in long-term collaboration
To address the specific needs of its local partners and markets, Safran sets up different kind of partnerships, including subcontracting, co-development, joint ventures and factories. The Group works closely with both partners and customers, an approach that guides all subcontracting and production operations, as well as our joint ventures with AVIC and Comac . We are also firmly committed to supporting the training of Chinese engineers, as reflected in strong partnerships with schools including the Ecole Centrale of Beijing, the Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering, the Civil Aviation University of China, etc.

Safran is working hand in hand with Chinese manufacturers to help shape the future of the company’s aerospace and security industries.


A major partner with COMAC in China’s new commercial jets
COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) has selected the new LEAP-1C engine developed by Safran and GE through CFM International as the sole Western powerplant on the C919, opting for a complete propulsion system including the engine, nacelle and thrust reverser. The Group’s wiring specialist Labinal Power Systems through its partnership with COMAC, is in charge of the electrical wiring interconnection systems (EWIS) for the new C919 jetliner.

Helicopter engines: 30 years of teamwork with AVIC
Safran has worked closely with AVIC (China Aviation Industry Corporation) for some 30 years, through complete or partial production under license of the Turbomeca Arriel 1 and Arriel 2C helicopter engines and Sagem autopilots for the Z9 helicopter. Turbomeca is also developing the WZ16 turboshaft engine with the Dong’an Company to power the new AC352 helicopter: as planned, the first run of the Ardiden 3C / WZ16 helicopter engine was successfully achieved in November 2013 at Turbomeca Bordes (France) plant.

Promising prospects in the security sector
Through its subsidiary Morpho, Safran is world leader in the security sector and develops solutions that ensure the security of people, goods, businesses and countries, while guaranteeing safe transportation and transactions. For instance, we apply all technologies needed for airport security, including explosive detection, biometric identification, secure travel documents, border control, and more. To date, 50 % of all explosive detection systems in China are based on the latest computed tomography (CT) technology supplied by Morpho.

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